“Mobile clinics offer flexible and viable options for treating isolated and vulnerable groups. The demand for mobile units keeps rising.”

World Health Organization

The MediCart is the lowest cost, lowest weight, off road, (only) human transportable, self-contained temporary medical and emergency medical clinic designed for both disaster relief and rural healthcare settings.

Unlike traditionally portable medical clinics, the MediCart can be packed up and transported by bicycle, motorcycle, inflatable or other type of boat or air-lifted into place. The MediCart weighs less than 120 kgs fully-loaded. Compare this to a bus, shipping container or truck and the benefits of the MediCart become obvious.


The MediCart is easily deliverable to the site of a disaster, emergency relief camp or rural outpost quickly and can be readied for relocation in a matter of minutes.

The MediCart can also be modified to fit a range of rural healthcare needs including being configured as a dental, pediatric, optometry, HIV/AIDS testing, audiology or womens healthcare clinic.

Very simply, the MediCart is the most affordable, convenient and transportable multi-purpose medical portable medical clinic in the world.

MediCart Project

The world's only fully (human) transportable, off-road, self-contained medical clinic in a box. Providing a solution to the issue of managing rural healthcare needs in a cost efficient, effective manner. Particularly suitable for low density rural communities and hard-to-reach locations.

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